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Content Studio

Little Chirping Bird is a video production and content development studio where we bring people as well as brand stories to life. We help product brands as well as Employee brands alike in creating compelling dynamic video content that helps build connections.

Brand Flims

Brand films are short videos created to showcase a brand as a form of digital marketing. Usually, they tell a story, connecting the audience to the brand's core messages, and can be fictional or documentary style.

Corporate Films

A corporate film is an audio-visual corporate communication, commissioned primarily for use by a company, corporation or organization. Usually the responsibility of the marketing or communications team, it is often intended for a specific purpose in a corporate and is viewed only by a limited audience.

Social & Digital

Digital filmmaking is accessible. Relatively low cost and user friendly, digital recording equipment is the personal computer of the film industry, Editing is simple. Digital distribution reaches a wide audience. Digital projection saves money.

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